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“Having Nick on our team has helped us become more strategic in our financial decision making week to week, and more in control as we plan for the future. He’s a great addition to the RED212 team!”

Anne Chambers CEO RED212

“Nick was instrumental in assessing our financial condition and giving valuable feedback and direction to our company. Nick was very accessible, easy to work with and passionate about his work. Any small business would benefit a great deal from having this type of financial consulting for their growing company.”

“Nick Ciaccio of 12|21 Financial Consulting Group was instrumental to the success and growth of Nelson Comfort. We worked with Nick for about 18 months and our company not only doubled in size via an acquisition, which Nick lead the financing and due diligence process, but Nick was also able to bring our accounting department into crystal clear focus during his engagement with us. As the owner of the company, I did not have the accounting skill-level needed on my staff to handle the type of growth we had, and Nick was invaluable to helping us manage the growth. Nick worked with me one-on- one during our merger and set-up key performance indicators that allowed me to make wise, strategic management decisions. Nick worked to combine two independent accounting systems to establish one stronger, more accurate accounting system. Once the acquisition was complete, Nick was able to lead our company in the search for a new CFO. Nick’s knowledge of business and his ability to understand our needs is why Nelson Comfort has experienced such strong profitable growth.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Tom Wiandt at 12/21 Financial Consulting Group, for some time now. To say Tom is an asset, is an understatement. We are a mid-sized business that has seen strong growth over the past few years.   It was time to get a true finance person in place to oversee all the accounting functions of the company. Tom and his team have done an amazing job of keeping all financials up to date, from bookkeeping work to P&L’s. They do it all. And it goes way beyond the financial side of the business as Tom recommends efficiencies in processes that we had never thought about. He is an extension of our team. We couldn’t have found a better finance and process partner.”

Ruthie Keefe President BlueSky Creative

“The 12|21 Financial Consulting Group team was a valuable asset to me and the other shareholders in acquiring a business we were all employees of. Nick and his team were able to navigate our team through the entire due diligence process of the purchase, through the capital funding and every finance step needed to close the deal. The team did an outstanding job of setting up our opening financial statements with the complex purchase accounting completed smoothly and accurately. Our business now has a financial and accounting structure that allows us to monitor our progress on a timely and accurate basis, thanks to the expertise of the 12|21 team.

Nick’s considerable real world experience, business acumen and practical, no-nonsense work ethic have been valuable assets to Orchard Digital Marketing, Inc. He’s helped us to fortify our financial underpinnings and maximize our ability to manage for current and future growth.”

Richard Walker Partner/COO Orchard Digital Marketing, Inc.


$15 Million Advertising Agency

12|21 Financial Consulting Group was engaged to help improve smoothness and efficiency of monthly financial statement closing process, as well as improve reporting and monitoring of projects to improve gross profit margins and increase Agency Gross Income. The Agency’s monthly close process was cut down from a range of twenty-five to twenty-eight days after the month-end, to eighteen to twenty days to produce financial statements. Gross margins improved three to six points over a five-year period.


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$2 Million Web-page Content Writing Business

12|21 Financial Consulting Group led the change in accounting method from “cash-basis” to “accrual-basis” for both book and tax purposes. This included the re-organization of the balance sheet and income state, as well as developing company-wide procedures, to capture three-categories of project data for an on-going work-in-process schedule, that allows the company to book revenue by specific project, as it should be recognized monthly according to GAAP. This work allowed the company to now monitor, measure and plan strategically.


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$8 Million HVAC Business

A major Cincinnati HVAC company engaged 12|21 Financial Consulting Group to assist them in scouting acquisition targets and approaching ownership on a possible purchase. 12|21 FCG was able to assist the owner in securing one of the best-known HVAC businesses in Lexington, Kentucky.


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$3 million Behavior Health Medical Practice

The practice’s majority shareholder/President engaged 12|21 FCG to review, analyze and make process recommendations on all accounting and finance matters, as well as day-to-day business operations. This involved improving receivables days outstanding and bad debt write-off percentage, as well as developing daily and weekly process improvements for basic accounting functions and office management.


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$100+ Million building supply company

12|21 Financial Consulting Group partnered with local Merger & Acquisition Firm to assist a well-established building supply company in the purchase of an out-of-state industrial vent cleaning business to diversify their holdings. This included researching various industries and privately held businesses, interviewing ownership, and analyzing cultural fit.


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