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Experienced, Dedicated & Successful

“I believe every business owner or CEO needs a partner-in-finance: someone who provides financial expertise and comprehensive business analysis; someone who understands a business’ past and has the vision to lead it to future success; someone with CFO credentials. Unfortunately, many small and medium-size companies decide to forgo a CFO because they can’t afford one or can’t fully utilize a full-time CFO. I founded 12|21 to offer these companies access to an invaluable partner-in-finance in a way that fits their limited budgets and needs.”

- Nick Ciaccio, Founder & President 12|21

Nick and his team have twenty-plus years of experience working in finance and accounting at several companies, which vary in both industry and size. They include privately-held companies, family-owned businesses, publicly-traded companies, as well as private-equity-owned businesses.

Over the years, Nick and his team have successfully managed a wide range of financial situations. Armed with this experience, our team at 12|21 will know the best way to strategically navigate your business through any financial condition.

The team at 12|21 has helped multiple businesses achieve the real world results necessary for maintaining financial strength and furthering profitability and growth.

Please see our testimonials/case studies section to learn more about how 12|21 has become a valued partner with our clients.

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